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ยท 11 min read
Guillaume Claret

Recently, an important merge request landed in Tezos to implement Tenderbake. This new consensus algorithm offers deterministic finality:

"a block that has just been appended to the chain of some node is known to be final once it has two additional blocks on top of it, regardless of network latency." (Nomadic Labs' blog)

This merge request and other changes resulted in almost 10,000 new Coq lines ๐Ÿ“ in the translated code.

In this blog post, we explain how we dealt with all recent code changes to maintain the Coq translation of the protocol. We use the tool coq-of-ocaml to do our translation. The resulting Coq code is what you can browse on this website. All our changes on the OCaml code are in our fork branch guillaume-claret@proto_alpha-coq-of-ocaml. The procedure to compile the protocol to Coq is in this HOWTO.