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ยท 5 min read
Guillaume Claret

The backward compatibility is an important property to maintain between two releases of the protocol of Tezos. For example, this ensures that existing smart contracts still work after a protocol upgrade. That property can be hard to ensure by the protocol developers as the codebase's size increases. At the time of writing, there are 86,346 lines of code in src/proto_alpha/lib_protocol in the master branch of Tezos, counting all the .ml and .mli files.

We propose using formal verification to check that the backward compatibility is preserved after each protocol release, with a mathematical degree of certainty. More precisely, we show that for every inputs and storage contexts, a smart contract working with version Jakarta of Tezos will generate the exact same output running on the next version K. Even if there are infinitely many possible inputs, we can verify all of them by writing a mathematical proof in the formal system Coq.

In this blog post, we describe our plan for this verification effort.